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FIX ANY WATER TO JOIN WHITE EAGLE COALITION (to include insurance to the Cannabis industry!)

We are proud to announce that FIX ANY WATER

 has joined the

White Eagle Coalition!


White Eagle Coalition is a collective of industry leaders coming together to bring access to the best-of-class business services to the cannabis industry to include banking, consulting, attorneys, accounting, cultivation supplies, insurance*, and now water treatment! Like the powerful bird from which it takes its name, White Eagle has used eagle-eye vision to see and seize this opportunity and is fearlessly and tenaciously working to make the vision a reality.


“The White Eagle Coalition is a nationwide army of cannabis growers and businesses united to challenge the status quo. We know that united, we can navigate change (i.e., decriminalization of cannabis), create new markets, adapt technology, forge partnerships, strive and achieve the vision of the Cannabis Industry.” –

As we all know, water is vital to health, including cannabis. Having proper water chemistry can make or break a crop. Fix Any Water has experience in engineering individual water filter/treatment systems for the specific needs of the cannabis industry. With a high purity water system, you can have less maintenance on the sprinkler systems, better nutrient delivery systems, and better delivery of pesticides. Correcting water quality issues is their passion, and they pursue excellence with outstanding customer service, manufacturing and delivery.

At the heart of it is Larry Verdone, a 35+ year water treatment veteran with two engineering degrees. Contact him with any questions at

*COMMING SOON! – Join our family! Adding Florida to their list of many states that will be in their insurance inclusions. General and product liability are both required in most stated including Florida. We encourage you to see how much you can save with our coalition.


*Patricia Verdone has joined our Florida family and is happy to serve your cannabis industry business with general liability, product liability and more!

Patricia Verdone – Join Our Family (

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