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1. Do you really have to come over to sell me a system? - Yes. All water is different. Even from that of your neighbors. They may have different plumbing, more or less people and people with different needs. 2. Can you work on my old equipment? - Yes! We are happy to take a look at what you have to see if it is working and or can be repaired. 3. Do you do Salt & filter delivery? -Yes, we do. 4. Do we finance? -Yes, we do have financing available.

I thought the equipment maintenance issues we were having were normal because that’s what we’ve been doing for years. My work just became easier after installing our new system.

Senior Engineer, Resort Casino

Las Vegas

The new Water System is by far the best thing we’ve done to our home. Our only regret is that we did not know about it before purchasing a water softener unit. Our neighbor purchased one and told us about the benefits. He is 100% correct. Everything is MUCH cleaner. No more water spots and bottled water from every faucet, which is wonderful. It is worth every penny considering our terrible Mesquite Water.

Janice & Dave

My skin doesn't itch after a shower, as it did before. Now, there are no spots on air dried glasses and stainless steel, and there are fewer spots on bath & kitchen faucets, glass and mirrors. I was constantly wiping water spots off of everything, even with the water softener. I am very happy with the system! I have to admit that I didn't think the water would be quite as good as it actually is. This is one time I am more than pleasantly surprised! Thank you!


Our new water system I think is great. It's so nice being able to drink water out of ANY faucet and there are no spots on our glasses anymore and my hair is not all in knots after washing it! So yes, we are so happy with it.


I was skeptical about switching our water treatment because I thought I had the best solution. The results in just two days were unbelievable. Crystal clear ice!

Operations Manager, Resort Casino

Las Vagas

It's a miracle. The results are tremendous. RO is the only way to go. I would not build another restaurant without having an RO system like this one. The operational savings are incredible and everything just tastes better.

Robert Ansara

Owner of Ricardo's Restaurant

Las Vegas, NV